Why 1Link

Staffing firms are a dime a dozen, so what makes us different? The answer to this question comes from the people we serve: our clients, candidates, and consultants. What would they say differentiates us from all the others? Here are a few of their reasons:

1. Our Philosophy.

We live and breathe the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” It’s that simple. The people we serve are our true partners, not business transactions. It’s not all about the bottom line as all our previous employers had us believe. No, it’s about doing the right thing. Treating people the right way, providing unrivaled customer service – that’s what drives our practice. When we do these things, we don’t have to worry about the bottom line. Instead, we worry about keeping up with the demand that comes our way.

2. Our Specialized Industry Knowledge.

Everyone at 1Link Technology has many years of industry experience. Our recruiters have held the very jobs they are filling for our clients. For example, our IT recruiters are former software developers, IT business analysts, and IT project managers. Our Operations recruiters have held positions in the very disciplines for which they recruit such as accounting, finance, sales, etc. We are not just “keyword matchers.” We understand the technical and functional operations of our clients’ business and provide resources that match our clients’ needs.

3. Our Relationships.

We know our clients, we know our candidates, and we know our markets. We are obsessed, yes, obsessed with customer service. Coming through for our clients, consultants, and candidates is ultimately all that truly matters to every single member of this firm, from the leadership, sales, and recruiting teams to our support staff. To provide this level of service one must know his/her client, candidate, consultant, and market intimately. We know the cultures, technical and functional environments, standards, and expectations of our clients and work to make the matches that make sense.

4. Our Commitment to Excellence & Sense of Urgency.

Our belief is “if we are going to do something, we are going to do it right, or not at all.” That includes our time to market. Our clients have a business to run and that means delivering the right resources urgently to meet their pressing deadlines. We are able to accomplish this because recruiting is all we do!

5. Our Recruiting Process.

We take pride in “knowing” our candidates. Our screening process ensures that we provide the most qualified candidate for our clients’ needs. Our process includes:

Interviewing: We interview every candidate to determine not only their technical skillset and past professional experiences, but also motivators, personality, and long-term goals.

References: We believe that the biggest indicator of a candidate’s future performance is their past performance. Therefore, we complete both management and peer references for our candidates.

Testing: If a candidate’s skills can be measured, we administer testing from a technical testing industry leader.

6. Our Commitment to a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce.

Candidates are welcomed at 1Link Technology for their IT skillsets, no matter where they come from or what they look like. Our clients are global, representing the various races and nationalities of our candidates and employees. The more diverse the voices of our candidates and employees, the more our clients will be able to contribute to the global communities they represent. So, we encourage our prospective workforce to bring their IT skill sets, personal experiences, and unique background, because it is in their differences that our clients will find the power to meet the needs of their global markets.