Who We Are

After 15 years of working for others, my IT recruiting partners and I decided it was time to combine our expertise and unique philosophy on how this business should be done and start our own firm.

The decision was made rather quickly, with little thought given to what we would name our new firm. Within days of quitting our jobs in November 2014, we landed our first meeting with a prospective client – 300 miles away from our hometown of Memphis. While en route to Monroe, Louisiana, we realized that we hadn’t yet decided on a name for our company. Here we were, on the way to our first meeting with a $25B organization, and we didn’t have a name for our firm! Up until that moment, we had not given any thought to what the name of our new business should be.  Thankfully, our strong bond as partners and will to make things happen took over then as it’s done many times since.

With just ten minutes left before arriving at our destination, we each shared with each other our convictions for what our company name needed to include. For instance, I insisted that the word “technology” be part of our company name since technical resources and IT recruiting was our core business and specialty. My recruiting partner felt strongly that we needed to show our gratitude to the first company that believed in us (CenturyLink) by including a portion of their company name in ours (Link). Our third partner interjected “How about 1Link Technology? We are the one link to your technology talent needs.”

The rest, as they say, is history. From the moment we heard it, we knew 1Link Technology was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the name for our firm! Since then, we’ve carried that same combination of ingenuity, drive, gratitude, and integrity throughout all that we do.

Our Leadership Team